Welcome to a career at Pugstorm

Born in 2018 and established in charming Linköping, Sweden, we are the crafters of playful, hare-raising adventures like Radical Rabbit Stew and the survival sandbox game Core Keeper.

Driven by a potent mix of creativity, caffeine, and a ceaseless passion for pixel-perfection, we’re carving out a future in gaming that’s as exciting as a pug in a ball pit.

We are always looking for exceptional talent. If you have what it takes and feel confident that you can contribute to Pugstorm, then send us an email at contact@pugstorm.dev or use this form.

Right now, we are particulary looking for a Rendering Engineer. 👇

Rendering Engineer – Custom Unity Pipeline

Company: Pugstorm – Independent Game Development Studio

Location: Work from anywhere; option to use our physical office in Linköping, Sweden.

Communication: Our main hub is Discord, serving as our virtual office.

Role Overview: As a Rendering Engineer at Pugstorm, you‘ll be instrumental in driving the visual quality and performance of our custom Unity pipeline. Working directly with the Rendering Director, you‘ll contribute to the development of games like “Core Keeper, enjoyed by millions globally. Be part of a team where your work makes a direct impact on our games‘ visual experience.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Design, develop, and refine rendering features tailored for our custom Unity pipeline.
  2. Craft and optimize real-time shaders, ensuring Unity-based games meet our high visual standards.
  3. Lead performance improvements, focusing on CPU and GPU optimizations.
  4. Collaborate with artists and designers to refine and adapt Unity tools and workflows.
  5. Stay informed about latest Unity graphics and rendering advancements.
  6. Troubleshoot and resolve rendering-related challenges, maintaining game quality.
  7. Participate in the evolution of our rendering pipeline, weighing proprietary and third-party solutions.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent experience. A Master’s degree is a plus.
  2. Solid skills in C# and familiarity with Unity’s scripting environment.
  3. A deep understanding of modern rendering techniques.
  4. Enthusiasm for building custom rendering pipelines.
  5. Knowledge of graphics hardware’s relationship with rendering.


  1. Prior experience in game development, especially using Unity.
  2. Knowledge of Unity-specific rendering tools like Shader Graph, URP, or HDRP.
  3. Experience or strong interest in physically based rendering (PBR) in Unity.

Why Pugstorm:

At Pugstorm, we value creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Being an independent game development studio allows us the flexibility and freedom to push boundaries. While our physical presence is in Linköping, our team thrives on Discord, where we come together to create and innovate. Join us and be a part of a passionate community dedicated to gaming excellence.

Apply to contact@pugstorm.dev with a personal letter, your impressive CV and a link to an amazing portfolio. Wow us!